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My H&R springs, Tokico S/R shocks and 1" rear Quickor swaybar (from Bare End) sure make backroads fun... my friend got a little upset when I told him his WRX feels kinda like a caddilac after driving my escort (He let me take it for a spin around the autocross track on Sunday, and I let him drive my car around the track.. he got about the same time in my car after 1 lap around the course that he got for the best time in his car out of 4 laps around the course... what does that tell you?*) Oh, and I beat a guys street prep miata by 3/10 sec :twisted: That felt good.

It's still comfortable on long trips and my daily commute. I highly reccomend this setup, or the same w/ Ground-Control coil-overs. (I'm also running Energy Supension front control arm bushings, steering rack bushings and 16x7 Rota Slipstreams wrapped in Sumitomo HTRZ IIs)

*I also beat his best time driving his car.. (for my first time behind the wheel of a WRX ever) .. I think he may have been a little upset about that :D
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