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If you honestly think about it...there are four generations of Scorts out there.

1st Gen: 81-88
2nd Gen: 88.5-90
3rd Gen: 91-96
4th Gen: 97-02

81-88 body style didn´t change until the 88.5 model, case in point...look at my 88.5 LX compared to the 88 LX. The bumpers were metal on the first ones and the lights were more square. My LX body style is more aerodynamic compared to the first model. After 90´ the bodies were more sleeker and the engine was designed better for performance on the LX´s besides the GT´s. After 96´ the Ford engineers cut and smoothed alot of corners on this model of Scort. Making it look more futuristic inside and out.

All in all, the Escort is one hell of a car and I wouldn´t get rid of mine unless someone killed me!
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