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im not an Escort owner but im here get some info on them for my brother, he wants one..
do these cars have potenial?
did the GT´s come w/ a header?
whats the curb weight on the GT´s?
what Gen is what?
i cant remember anything else, but when i do i´ll post back.. thanks

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do these cars have potenial?

OHHH yea, they have tons of potential. can be turbo´d or built up, or minor mods. lots of things to be done to these things.

did the GT´s come w/ a header?

yes, they have headers, you can get aftermarket headers for them.

whats the curb weight on the GT´s?

good question

what Gen is what?

88-90 1st gen
91-96 2nd gen
97-02 3rd gen

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here´s some specs I found for Gen I GTs

Check out http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/6494/escort.html for more info.

Ford Escort GT Specifications (1988)*
Max Speed: 119.0mph
0-60mph 10.0secs
0-1/4 mile 17.7 secs
117BHP @5000rpm
27.4mpg(uk) 22.8mpg(US)
Gasoline 4-stroke piston engine
1859cc 113.4cu in in-line engine
Compression Ratio 9.2:1
Bore: 82.0mm 3.2in
Stroke: 88.0mm 3.5in
Overhead 8-valve head
Transmission 5 speed manual
Front wheel drive
Springs F/R coil/coil
Brake system: Power assist
Brakes: F/R Disk/Drum
Steering: Rack and Pinion PA
Wheelbase: 239.3cm 94.2in
Track F: 138.9cm 54.7in
Track R: 142.2cm 56.0in
Length: 416.3cm 163.9in
width: 167.4cm 65.9in
Height: 135.4cm 53.3in
Ground Clearance: 17.9cm 7.0in
Kerb Weight: 2600lb
Fuel 13.0gal (US) 10.8gal (UK)

* most of these facts are taken from "Guiness World Car Records":, Ivan Berg, Motorbooks International, C 1992, the rest, however, are taken from me, but I could be wrong about these numbers.

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If you honestly think about it...there are four generations of Scorts out there.

1st Gen: 81-88
2nd Gen: 88.5-90
3rd Gen: 91-96
4th Gen: 97-02

81-88 body style didn´t change until the 88.5 model, case in point...look at my 88.5 LX compared to the 88 LX. The bumpers were metal on the first ones and the lights were more square. My LX body style is more aerodynamic compared to the first model. After 90´ the bodies were more sleeker and the engine was designed better for performance on the LX´s besides the GT´s. After 96´ the Ford engineers cut and smoothed alot of corners on this model of Scort. Making it look more futuristic inside and out.

All in all, the Escort is one hell of a car and I wouldn´t get rid of mine unless someone killed me!

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yes escorts have potential. The second gen GT´s from 91-96 have the 1.8L BP mazda motor. built to be a turbo motor. They stock bottom end can handle around 300HP before you need to beef it up. the first gens have potential but the aftermarket is getting smaller from them. there are a few dedicated people that can do awesome things with them. but generally its harder than a second gen GT

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2cd gen Scort GT´s are a ton of fun. I LOVE my scort. There´s alot of potential.

(93-96 GT 1.8L)
spec´d power is like 127bHP and 114ft-lbs...I think.

Last time I was at the track, with myself, a girl, all fluids and half a tank of fuel I was 2845. Jamie said she was just over a hundred lbs. And I´m 250lbs. I thought I saw in a Chiltons saying the curb weight was 2400lbs.

Anyhow, wish your bro g´luck. They´re great fun to drive.
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