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Newbi with some questions

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whats going on people new to the forum just bought a 99 4 door 5 spd se 2.0 spi was looking for some good links for performance and other upgrades specifically halo headlights, tail lights, pacesetter headers pacesetter exhaust but reasonably priced i found one or two but the prices were rediculous and the style was ugly or if anyone has anything along these lines to sell also will a zx2 front and rear bumper fit my 99 4 door se i found the entire kit local for $150 i know the side skirts wont fit but was curious about the front and rear bumpers thanks a lot
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no, the bumpers won't fit on.

There are no halo headlights either. You can get clear corner headlights or black housing headlights... that's about it. For tail lights, it's either customize your stock, or go for the altezza style in chrome, black, or fake CF look.

No one makes a header or exhaust that is direct fit for the 2.0L SPI. Parts for the 1.9L can be modded to fit.
i did find a website with the pacesetter header that specified the 97 - 02 escort 2.0 non zx2 pacesetter header i checked the pacesetter website and it didnt list one though cant find a cat back

as for the lights were can i find the tail lights? usually ebay has all that dumb stuff but no good and havent found any on the web either

and since the kit doesnt fit someone has one by me for $175 neg.. full kit brand new if anyone else wants it
wussup bro? BTW welcome to the forums.

the tail lights can be found at www.andysautosport.com
along with a good assortment of little extras and performance parts.

Most of the exhaust components I've seen are custom or modified.
The only cat-back I know of is a system from BORLA, but it may be a little pricey.

to find GOOD performance/handling components, try www.summitracing.com
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