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Newbe here

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Hello everyone!
I am new here in your web forum.
My name is Christian from Fort Lauderdale, FLorida.
I come to visit you and offer my products for all the escort family.
I own a 1997 Ford Escort ZX2, and by the end of 1998 I started to make my own composite parts due to lack of interest of aftermarket support and lack of rare-to-find parts on the market help me to make what I always dream about.
My work is based on composite materials work, such as; carbon fiber, fiber glass and kevlar. Also, I offer leather upholstery products from leather shift boots up to leather seat covers, and much more.
Few days ago, I released a new item that most of my customers wanted for years to have, it´s a carbon fiber METRA face plate cover, which retails for $150/unit + S/H and also offered in GB´s for much less ( of course I am not allow here to post any other information becuase I follow your regulation rules ).
Besides this new carbon fiber, my interest is to get " what the people or customers want " not what most companies want to sell to others who cant afford it or not interested on the item they sell. I always looking forward to help others. Most of my work is based on accesories, either; interior and engine components.
I have 3 websites under construction; zx2, c5 corvettes and VW MKIV models.
The sooner the better I obtain any gen. escort I might able to open a web site and offer the products I will make for you. so they can distinguish to the products I offer on other websites.
You may ask, what parts can I make as soon as possible? well I will make a you list:
- interior enhancement accesories: radio face plates, shift knobs, door sills, gauge gazels or trim clusters, door inserts ( carbon fiber or leather ), any flat or round plastic surface covered or replaced in carbon fiber or wrap in leather, shift boots and e-boots, leather seat covers, etc.
- Exterior: carbon fiber escort emblems, ford emblems, front eyelids, side mirrors, etc.
- Engine: carbon fiber: engine valve cover or replacement, strut mounts, battery covers, radiator holders, etc.

As I said, I am able to help what you really want, but I wont be able to make body kits or wings or spoilers yet, due to lack of space where I work.
Any other questions, be free to AIM me online, e-mail me as many question as you want, and I will be glad to help you.
Thank you for letting me be part of your forum and hopefully you´ll be satidfied with all my work.

Carbontech ZX2
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SuuuuWeeeeet!!!! Thank a lot fo offering your services to us. I´m sure there will be a lot of interest form here since we don´t get these kind of offer too offten.
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