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New White Gauges

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Hey can anyone help me with the removal of the stock gauge faces cause I just made some off of a site, but I don´t know how to take the needles off and faces without messin anything up. I also got the site for white gauges for 2nd gen and I´ll post it if I get a reply on how to do this.
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i put white gauges on my 94 gt, the needles are a bitch to get off, just pull on them and they will come off, the speedometer needle has a little black piece on it it comes off sometimes when you pull on the needle but it pops back on no problem. i used a pliers gently on the needle for the ones that were stuck. before you pull them off right down were your car idles for the rpm gauge so when you put it back on you can adjust it to were it needs to be by pulling it off and putting it back on were it reads correctly. same goes for the speedo needle, take your car out and find what rpm your car runs at a certain speed so you can check to make sure that it is correct when you put it back on. also the same goes with the water and fuel gauges. i didn´t have my fuel gauge needle in the correct position and almost ran out of gas. just remember where they were when you took them off. hope this helps
and yes they are 194´s, you can get almost any color bulb you want, there are 5 in the gt. the only thing is is that the odometer has green tint to it and i could not remove it so i made mine green to match, turns out the stereo i have lights up green to so it worked out good, and the heater controlls as well
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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