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New Turbo

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I just got back from the junkyard and I found a real find, for a junkyard. A 1987 I think LaBaron GTS, I bought the Turbo off it I only payed 50 bucks for it. What I want to know is everything about it, can anyone help me. Does anyone have any info. or webpages about this turbo?

It took me like four hours to get that bitch off.

Justin GT :-Y

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yeha the junk yard near me has realy good deals they only want 27 bux for a turbo me and my freind worked for a good part of 2 hours to get a turbo off of a saab but in the end we had to give up because we couldnt get 2 bolts off
such a let down lol
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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