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Hello everyone! I'm new to the Escort scene and need a little help... I myself own a focus zx3, but my girlfriend was just handed down a '95 excort GT, The car has only 66,000 miles and is an automatic, the trans shifts well and engine seems in great condition, however the suspension feels more or less destroyed... I haven't gotten a chance to go underneath and look, but from the feel from driving it, it needs new bushings everywhere in front and the left control arm seems like the ball joint may have bent... Where should I look to find these parts? the springs and dampers feel great, and I must say I was quite impressed with their firmness... Also what information might you gurus be able to give me about the motor in this car? I popped the hood and it's a DOHC in an automatic '95 escort GT... what's the displacement? known problems etc?
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