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Hey, great forum, and Canadian content too!

I'm taking possession of a great 97 wagon this week, 122,00 KM's, factory Black Metallic Paint, 5 speed, in mint condition. The previous owner even had it oil sprayed every year. All for $3100. The bad? could use new shocks, no tach, and that ugly rubber shift boot has GOT to go. Also no cruise.

I've been on this site for 2 days now, and am very please to see a sweet underground following for the escort. I do most of my mechanical work myself, so a group like this really helps. Where I plan to take this car; , some driving enhancements like short shifter, new sport shocks and springs (nothing to crazy), bushings, new wheels (I have integra GSR rims on my old honda, wondering if they'll fit?), maybe some subtle exterior enhancements.
Id like to bump the power up a bit as well, mostly in the name of drivability and fun. That 3.8 TB sounds interesting.

Anyhoo, thanks for reading, see ya on the forums!
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