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New to the Board

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Hello, I´m new to the board and I just wanted to introduce myself. I´m from toronto canada and I drive a mustang V6. I am also the owner of www.garageboard.com

Are there any other torontonians on the board?
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There´s a few more Toronto ians on this board, i´m not one of them. i´ve never been there.

So you drive a V6 stang? I drive an inline 4 Escort GT. my goal in life, at this moment, is to make my car fast enough to take out your bigger brother counterparts, the 4.6L V8 monsters called Mustang GTs. When that day comes...Nothing will get me down. nothing.
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Well I am new to this board also, I signed up and payed my due´s tonight I just cant wait until my order gets here with my stickeys
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