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I live in Healing, up north.

I love cars have got 2, Ford Escort 1.6L 16v, BMW 740i Sport, escort one the road other in drive.

Been doing cars sinceI remember, helping my Dad with all his cars.

My first memorable car was a Ford Prefect 1953, lot less to go wrong on that than the new cars of today.

Had Cars, Motorbikes would like to say Planes and Helicopters, but they were remote control.

Anyway, that's me today.

PK :D :D :D

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Welcome to the forums. Having seen a BMW 740 being dismantled in a junkyard, so the guy could get an unburnt wiring harness for his car, i decided I would never own one. I had a 1956 501, and it was complicated enough.
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