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Im new to the club and love escorts.I have two of them.My baby is a 94´ black gt and the other one is 92´ red gt.
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Welcome aboard . this is a good place to be . i love it here as everyone tries to help each other to the best of thier knowledge . we don`t always agree but we try to get along . again welcome aboard . oh yes by the by where are you from? there may be other members near you whom you could meet , if we knew . :-D
I live in Broken arrow Oklahoma.I go to the scca solo events all the time.It would be cool if i could meet other escort owners to go racing with.I have raced at Hallet motor speedway too.Its a blast.
Anyone out there in the Oklahoma area who could get in touch with GsScort ?
Hey GsScort, welcome to FEOA. This is truly a great site, so watch out, or you´ll get hooked!
I have 2 scorts too, only they´re LX´s. (wish I had that 1.8L tho) Gets to be an obsession I guess. I almost bought a third, but then I kicked myself, and sanity prevailed.
Can´t wait to see pics of your scorts!
lol... I´ve got 2scorts too :)

95 maroon Lx wagon for road trips and errands
91 black GT for fun :)

I plan on doing soloII autocrossing this summer... any advice you can give me, GsScort? Welcome to the club btw.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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