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In October last year I purchased 4 Kumho Ecsta HP4 716s in the 205/60 R15 size. Reason for the slightly larger than stock size was to have a bit more ride comfort. While I do not have any rubbing issues like other 205/60 size tires, my handling is not where I want it to be. I have worked a deal with my local shop for a new set of rollers. So I have 2 questions for those in the know:

1) What is your experience with the Kumho Ecsta Supra 712? I know many people use this tire for autoxing. How is it for both track and daily duty?

2) Tire size is 195/55 VR15 which is slightly smaller aspect ratio than stock (107.25 versus 111mm). Anyone with this tire size have any information to pass along about why this size is better than a 195/60?

Thanks in advance, I´d like to let the shop know by Wednesday so they can order them for me to install on Friday.
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I have the 712´s on my car, but in 17" size of course. They have exellent wet and dry traction, but wear out pretty darn fast. I dunno if it´s just cuz I drive pretty hard, but I used them for about 8 months and they are almost gone. Could be cuz they have a 280 treadwear rating which is prtetty low. I would still recommend them for sure.
whats the widest tires you can put on a scort with no modificaitons? j/w
Well mine are 7" wide and they clear the fender lip by about 2mm if that answers your question. So with absolutely no mods at all I would say 7" is about as wide as you can go. Now modded I have seen 8" in front and 8.5" in back but I dunno how he did that.
Rid`in on Kumho ECSTA Supra 712 .... You need to get the lower profile to take advantage of the stiffer sidewalls and to maximize handling.
205/40/17. :O Unprecedented traction, Id go with ether Kumho or Falken beta FK-451 :p.
Also, stiffer struts and springs would dramatically help..
If you go that far.. you might as well get struts tower bars / sway bars .. Some nice bushings: P

Rid`n on Tokicos struts and Eibachs pro sport springs....

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I´m saving up for a spring/strut upgrade. Leaning towards the Eibach 1" lowering street kit for sure, and am undecided between the KYB GR2 and the Tokico ZX2 kit. What´s bothering me is that the treadwear on the 712´s is so low and I´ve been getting advice not to drive with these in the snow. Being that we had 4 good snowfalls this winter, I might have to lean toward something else. Shop also has BFG Touring T/As for a good price that seem to be a well balanced tire.
I have not had a problem with tired wear… but then again I have been laying a bunch of strips lately :-] hheheh .. For the price you are getting what you paid for … As I live in Canada we has snow 6months of the year … Since I put on my tires in March I have driven them through snow a few times with them… found them decedent up to 4 cm of snow….

Depending in what climate you live in I'd recommend winter tires…
…Granted that once you've had summer tires and winter tires, you'll never go back,
Many people over look the fact that tire play such a vital roll.

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Well made my decision...Shop is going to mount the Kumho Ecsta Supra 712´s in 195/55 VR15 size/rating. Cost to me is $78.99 less a $15.00 discount per tire, plus they´re throwing in a free alignment (which I don´t really need having had this done last month), but it never hurts with new tires. Gonna cost me about $300. Aint bad... plus I can resell my 205/60R15 Kumho 716s privately.

It´s hard to get user reviews on this tire. From the net I see where people say it´s really good in the rain, which seems at odds with the tire´s rating (not all season, "summer" tire only), etc etc. Also read one review where the tire did really good in the snow! So I don´t know what to expect at this point. Just gonna be happy having a tire that fits and rides well. And looks good. After the Kumho´s, I´ll be adding some KYB GR2 struts with the Eibach 1" street kit lowering springs. Hoping to have the funds this summer. Should dramatically alter the ride eh?
Picked up the car this morning. All I can say is that these tires rock! 195/55 VR15 Kumho Ecsta Supra 712s. The car has been totally transformed. Man I just can´t wait now to hook up the KYB´s with the 1" Eibachs and get my wheels coated white (and mirrors). Beautiful!
wow Zeemax, if you look at the time and date that your last two posts were on...you actually picked up the car 11 minutes before you made your decision to get the Kumhos...now if that´s not a testament to a good local shop...I don´t know what is. stick with those guys! :-] ;-)
GET THE ----> Tokicos struts <---- and Eibachs pro sport springs... :-]

24-04-2003 at 18:43, James92Scort wrote:
wow Zeemax, if you look at the time and date that your last two posts were on...you actually picked up the car 11 minutes before you made your decision to get the Kumhos...now if that´s not a testament to a good local shop...I don´t know what is. stick with those guys! :-] ;-)


Now isn´t that the weirdest thing? Strange because I decided on the tires on the 23rd, and had them fitted on the 24th. But yeah, any shop that can mount tires and then give you 11 minutes of your life back is certainly worth the money.... I´m torn on the struts. I have experience with the KYB´s and Eibach´s, but they´re a bit more expensive. But the Tokico´s are cheaper but require some amount of grinding to fit. Not sure what´s the better deal. My fabrication skills aren´t the best.
I need to upgrade my suspension badly. my car pulls and is very loose going around corners....i need some help and a spring compressor...wish brian would hurry up and get his license back. ;-)
I had mine installed ... with out any mod´s :-]
I've never heard of having to fabricate anything for the tokico's on a 2nd gen, I though they fit in just fine. That's the route I want to go, my problem is I live over here in Pullman, WA and we got dumped on this winter on more than one occassion. I have a great set of studded snow tires, but if I lower the car those things won't fit anymore? Are there adjustable springs? Something I could change between summer and winter?
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