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hey, if you guys want a new site theme, check it out.


Your Account -> Select Theme

in the drop down list select shivaThemes-XBlue. check it out, if you like it keep it....if you don´t you can always go back to the old theme by following the same steps, cept pick the other theme instead. of course, you gotta be logged in to be able to do this.

i´ll let ya guys know when i put new themes on the site so you can check em out.
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Well I´m using the new one,still trying to decide which I like better.Either wat it´s nice to have a choice.
I like the new one...it works well with my desktop.
good job donnie. I really like the new theme.
Ya it looks great!
I like both, so if I get bored I can change it
Good work!
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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