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New Pictures!!

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Hey guess what? thats right I got new pictures of my car www.cardomain.com/id/james92scort to check them out! I need to start a car showcase too. I finally got around to asking my brother to use his digital camera. ;-)
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james... looks very nice! keep up the nice work. also, its good to see some1 is actually using my buddy icon! cool! :-D
on my dads 91 escort, the first thing to rust off was the rear hatch. all escorts i have seen that have rust have it in this spot. why?
i can understand the wheels, but y the back of the hatch?
aaa... i see. seems to make sense. thanks dude.... ive always wondered how the rusts starts back there. glad i dont have any rust on my car...
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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