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New Pedals?

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I´m looking to change my pedals from stock to something with yellow in it (strictly for looks
) I saw some at the local auto parts store, but didn´t like the fact they slipped on over the existing pedals and you had to bend tabs to keep them there. I want to change the actual pedal, not just get a cover.

Any suggestions?
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My suggestion has two parts. first get the supplies, a can or two of yellow spray paint, a piece of card board and a mask, to keep from getting high (unless this is part of the reason you´re doing it) and two, get down in there and place the piece of cardboard behind the pedals, put on the mask, then open the can of spray paint and start painting.

Seriously though...I don´t know of any company that re-does stock pedals in cars to give them more flair...but there´s lots of stuff I don´t know. I have a set of grey and black custom pedals on mine right now, although I took the brake off cause it kept slipping towards my gas pedal. I want to get some red ones sooner or later. As far as I know the slip ons are the only way to make the pedals look better.
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Just go ahead and buy the ones that slip over the pedals. they work just fine and look great
I know what you mean James, I had to take my brake pedal off because it kept slipping as well.
Yeah it pissed me off one night when i went to step on the brake and the further i pressed, the more my engine revved...I couldn´t use it really, I used my e brake to bring me to a stop. then i tore the cover off the pedal at the light. ithe cover is still sitting in my passenger seat.
That´s the exact kind of stuff that scares me from them

I looked around the web yesterday, found some that say they replace the pedals, will let you know when I get more info.
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Cool cool. I want to be original! (at least in my town) I know of a few EGTs around the city, two of them for sale on lots...wish i had the money I´d take em, and build them up. It´d be much appreciated if you´d let us all know about custom pedals! thanks in advance
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certain slip ons are of course better than others, the alpena ones i got don´t actually ´slip-on´ persay, but get bracketed on, and it´s a very tight and snug fit. they´re not movin anywhere! the gas pedal one is a wrap around though, it just took a little thought to find a way to keep it on firm, but they´re awesome. instructions weren´t too bad either, for a change
After looking all over the web, I found LTB motorsports in FL that sell MOMO products. I like these guys because I was able to call them to ask questions, not just go through email.
I found the MOMO products at a few places, though nobody with a better price. I am running between the Super Tourismo Pedal Kit and the Tuning Pedal Kit. Differences (besides price): Super Tourismo - remove the rubber pad on pedal and drill holes into the metal plate then screw these on. Tuning Kit - either leave the rubber on or take it off, then attach the pedals to the existing pedals using the brackets that screw into them. Both seem pretty secure and I think have good looks. Check them out at MOMO Pedal Kits!

I haven´t ordered either yet, but I will be ordering one of them. I´ll let you know which I do order.
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Aren´t those basically the "slip on" kind we´ve been discussing though? It looks like to me that it´s the same thing but I can´t really tell. I´m going to take mine off soon and give them to my sister in law to put them on her Matrix, i don´t want the ugly gray/black ones...I´m gonna get that set of Red ones in the "grip pedal kit", & then maybe a red, or silver grip foot rest.
I think it´d be cool to have the silver foot rest, what do u think? But to have a matching "motif" of all red would be kinda cool too. Decisions Decisions...
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The slipon ones I saw before only had metal tabs to bend around your existing pads, not really secure IMHO.

These either screw into the metal plate under the rubber or have metal brackets that go around the pedal and screw into the sport pedal.
why doesn´t anyone sell green metallic accessories!
ah well, i got a sky-blue set of Aplena´s, and it´s making me think of doing an entire blue-green theme
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I´m going with a red theme on the inside, blue on the outside. I plan on getting my interior done with a darkish red for the main dash, a lighter red over the lighter grey, and where it´s black, it´s gonna become white. I´m also going to get red pedals, a red shift knob with a good leather boot, and I´m planning on getting Red MOMO racing seats with hopefully 4 point harness seat belts. After I finish the body kit (new bumper, sideskirts and rear fascia, but I´m keeping my stock wing), I´m getting the rust and dents removed and having the outside painted a midnight blueish (my favorite color) with twin white pinstripes that will go bumper to bumper (with width enough to go directly over the windshield nozzels). Then I´ll work on the engine rebuild and turbo. But, first off, I have to get new struts and lower the car and that is a long way off itself.
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I got some Razo pedals (the Competition TI series) from iMotorgear.com and the brake has a bracket type thing that the cover mounts to and the accellerator has two metal bands that wrap around. They are on there really well, and they are definitely not going to move. I think you should just go with pedal covers, and if you really want to feel secure, then go to the harware store and pick up some screws to screw the covers directly onto your OE rubber pedals.
My accelerator has a piece that first has sticky stuff on it, and then has two metal bands that wrap around the pedal, then the "face" piece has two screws that go into that to hold it on there...that pedal is on there...securely, my brake cover for some reason was slipping though, and I intentionally left my clutch pedal loose enough fo wobble around. Sometimes, I can´t find my brake, and push on my clutch by accident Yeah, I´m an idiot. so sue me...but when i move my left foot over, I can hear it hit the cover, that way i know which pedal my foot is on. It´s just something I do. yes I´m odd.
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most of the aftermarket pedals are crap!I went and bought the ones that bolt on and first they were too loose so I tightened em more then one of the bolts broke and another ripped through when I had to lock em up one day.I got so sick of it I ripped em out.For Sale one pair of, piece of junk pedals.make offer.
i went out and bought a pair of pedals from autozone the other day.. yea.. i wasnt going for looks, it just makes it easier to drive for me with bigger pedals... well i got the plain aluminum ones, just a slab of aluminum with oval holes in it.. pretty nice if you ask me.. well the clutch and brake fit on pretty nicely(take off the springs, they serve no purpose but to make the pedal loose in the future) they were bracketed on.. they gas pedal was a foam peice that goes under a black aluminum peice < then there was a bendable metal peice that wraps around the pedal and clamps down.. then the pedal hooks onto the black aluminum peice and screws down on the bottom.. i didnt like the looks of the bendy metal crap thing and i just drilled holes through the black aluminum peice and through the gas pedal itself.. then i put bolts through the holes and screwed it down nice and hard.. it eliminated any need for the clamp thingy.. and now my gas pedal is rock hard..
i hope this helps you...

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The only problem with your idea driftboy, even though it is a very good idea, is that I don´t want to drill holes in my pedals.
My gas pedal is nice and secure, it was my brake that had the problems. The next set I get will be put on, tight. I wonder if they have lit pedals for manuals, I´ve seen them for automatics, but not Manuals.
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