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Hey, about 2 weeks ago my wife and I picked up a 1987 Escort GL for 350 with 169km on it.

It seems to be a decent little car but I stupidly forgot to check the radiator for water when we picked it up. It was a private sale and I had checked all the other fluids assuming the car held coolent. I found out that night about the missing coolent so I replaced it and 1.5 days later when the car decided to leak all of its contents all over our driveway, we decided that we had a coolent leak.

The leak looks like its a bad water pump gasket so we tightened one or two of the bolts on it and it did ok for a day then leaked again. It leaks when the car is cold.

Car has 4 bald tires, no speakers, no radio, broken right support for driver seat, the driver side seat belt buckle doesn't work and the shoulder belt is frayed. I just buckle it into the passenger side buckle ha ha ha.

Car runs good and is in decent shape for the year. Needs a good interior cleaning and speakers+head unit.

I will ask about water pump removal tips in the proper topic.
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