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Hey everyone. My name is Steven Peterson. I am from the sunny city of Phoenix, AZ. I am new to this forum, but the forum life is definitely not new to me. I used to be an Admin on a computer/social forum and I was a moderator for a "Life Hacking" site.

Here is a little about me and my Escort...

I am 24 years old, divorced, no kids, and starting fresh in my life. I am originally from Upstate NY (Buffalo, NY) but I moved back to Phoenix in September of 08 pending my divorce. While here, i moved in with some people I knew from NY that moved out to AZ, and gave interest in one of their cars they brought with them, a 95 Ford Escort LX Sport. They ultimately decided to move back to NY and didnt want to take their Escort back and they were going to sell it to a salvage yard. I stepped in and offered to but it from them and got it for the bargain price of $600. The car isn't bad, it was used primarily as a winter car. The car has 145K on it but she runs like a brand new car. There are a few issues with it but I drive it 50+ miles a day round trip to work, and put a total of 400+ miles a week on it and its still going strong. The car was maintained impeccably as it has to pass a very stringent New York State inspection, so just about all the suspension, brakes, and drive train are brand new, despite the car looking like a total piece. The only thing that is wrong with it is pure cosmetics, rust in the usual places for a NY car, and the heat shields are now falling off from them being rusted. No big deal, whenever it rattles I just rip it off. Also, the vehicle was involved in a minor front end collision, the grill and passenger headlight needed to be replaced and bumper patched up, which you can see in the pics. Anyways, this is probably the longest intro EVAR so i shall wrap it up. I like the advice given here and you'll probably see a lot more of me as this is my first Escort and I have tons of questions, but no doubt will be sharing my experiences here and if I like it enough, will decide to get one of them fancy lifetime memberships, lol. See ya on the forums.

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