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NEW KID ON THE BLOCK (50 dollar escort)

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I may have the chance of a life time. A friend of mine wants to sell his 93 4 door Escort to me for 50 dollars. I am very interested in the car and I am wondering what to look for in this year and model. I do not know if its an lx or what the hell it is I will let you all know the stats of that as soon as I find that out. What engine should i get excited about seeing under the hood. I am looking to go turbo on the car so what engine will it need to have in it so i can go turbo. I am looking forward to all and any information that you guys can hook me up with. What troublespots should i look for on the car for example (rust spots common to the car, leaks to look for on the engine, tranny, etc. and electrical problems to look for.) Thank you for your time and any info that you can hook me up with.
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first off consider WHY does he want to shove his escort off so badly that he´s willing to only take 50 bucks for it?
The reason being that he is a crack head. He got a new car that his mom bought him and he is seriously a crack head he will do anything for drugs even sell his car for 50 dollars.
don´t even think about it buy it before he sobers up *L*. hell even scrap metal has to be worth a hell of a lot more than $50 bucks.

If it has rear disk brakes it´s a GT otherwise it´ss a LX. After that whatever you want to do with it is up to you. Turbo is a possibility with either. the GT is super easy and only about 2-3K for a really good setup. the LX is doable. a lot more custom work and cost I have no idea but doable.
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