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Ok, I am sure some of you guys know about the big mess going on with compass motorsports and gary williams. Well I read this over at ERDT-
"I TALKED TO GARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dont any body else call Gary. If you have concearns come to me and I will talk to Gary about them. We dont want to get him into trouble at work. I´m still not too happy with this situation but at least were getting some where

The good news;

Gary hasnt been avoiding us intentionally and he is OK, kinda
He is going to try and contact Micheal tonite.

The not so good news;

Gary lost his ass on the business and he is in debt. No phone, no internet, and alot of other crap including some family issues.

Compass is out of business.

Micheal has our bars and is definatly avoiding us (so it seems). I will talk to Gary tommorrow and get more info on the situation.

Just news;

Micheal was living with his girlfreind (ms Storke). Her mother (MRS Storke) lives nearby. So we now know who the hell weve been calling. Again dont bother anybody, let me do it.

Lets see what happens next!

We still need more peeps that are willing to visit Micheal in OR.

I´m glad something is finally happening with this whole deal. Knowing gary, I had a feeling that something like this had happened. Hopefully everything will be cool in the end, but yes, as of now Compass Motorsports is officially out of business.

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ouch that sucks. i didnt think that it would be like gary to bone out on peep with their money. there had to be some reason behind it. i just hope everything gets straighted out with both the people who bought parts and with gary.

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I can see it´s tough to make $ in a niche market. Are there any other people out there who can help him out with advice re: bankruptcy stuff? I´m wondering where he and us people who paid him stand regarding unfilled orders. Having paid for something in December, I´m kind of hoping he can argue to his partner that there´s a legal obligation to pay the oldest debts first. But I hope it works out for him and that he just picks up and starts again.
- Rob

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Me again. Thanks for posting this update, Sleeperscort. I assume that you´re not offering to be the saviour of Gary´s lost souls. So I agreed to help out dimmwatt (Casey) on the http://www.escortracing.com site and coordinate efforts for escortgt.com / feoa.net members. Here goes:

(1) you have paid Compass Motorsports (operated by Gary Williams) for parts which you have not received, ...
(2) you have not asked dimmwatt on the http://www.escortracing.com site to try to get the parts on your behalf, ...


Send me a private message listing
A) the name of the part,
B) the dollar amount you paid,
C) the date you paid for it
D) a description of the proof of payment you could provide if requested and
E) your full name and contact information, including a phone number.

I will create a list which I will forward to dimmwatt for Gary to deal with. Don´t bother trying to contact Gary. Casey/dimmwatt is kindly acting as our representative on this.

Your humble servant,
-- Rob


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