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As far as actually changing the fluid...its fairly simple.If you jack your car up and look on the bottom of your tranny, you will see a drain plug..remove the plug to drain the fluid...Now putting the fuid back in is another story...as for myself, the only time I have changed the fluid was when doing a clutch replacement..so once I got everything back in place, I removed the vehicle speed sensor which sits at the rear of the tranny"where your speedo cable connects", from there, just get a funnel and pour in the required amount of fluid which is usually around 2-7/8 quarts.."I read that in the book, hehehe"..then just replace your sensor..its not a hard job to do, but to get the sensor out is kinda tricky at first...hope this helps and if anyone knows and easier way of replacing the fluid other than going through the speedsensor, PLEASE let me know...lol, I hate that....lol :?
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