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hi all! my name is Brian and i am a new guy...well sorta (went by the name of PrimerGuru but couldnt log in...maybe it was de-activated?) anywho its great to be back and the site looks way better and is alot faster. :thumbsup: anywho, i own a 1992 Ford Escort GT which i bought off of James (James92Scort) and is going under the knife soon. i plan on making the car laying stock body kit flat on the ground. future plans is to run a cantilever set-up to achieve this...and alot of hacking. i am going to be running a full air ride set-up and running around 180psi into the bags/canisters. pics below of the car and some of the stuff i have for it already:

heres a photoshop i did of the car laying on the ground. please excuse the lousy chop:

hope you all enjoy!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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