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Hello. My name is Jeff, I'm 48 years old and live in the Indianapolis area.

Last spring I bought a 1995 Escort LX wagon (with only about 65,000 miles on it). I am using the car to bracket race and will hand it down to my son (who will be 12 in May) for use as his daily driver when he gets his license, assuming I don't blow up the motor first!

Other than cleaning it up, removing the hubcaps and taking off the muffler (I trailer the car to the track), I have done nothing to the wagon to make it a "racecar." I race mostly for the fun of it and am used to going pretty slow -- my previous bracket car was a 1992 Ford Tempo coupe that ran as fast as 17-teens in the quarter. The wagon has run as fast 18.9s, which is about what I expected a wagon with an auto tranny to run. It took a while to adjust to the fact that it didn't leave the starting line as quickly as the Tempo; I learned pretty quickly that I have to leave when the second yellow bulb is starting to go out. I didn't race much this past year (money is kind of tight, to say the least) but hope to hit the track more often this year.

I look forward to sharing what I might learn at the track (it should be noted here that I am not much of a mechanic; as I said, I race mostly to have a good time) and reading about your and your Escorts! I'll post some pics of my Dragon' Wagon soon.

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