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woo hoo, check out the new forums. i upgraded the forums tonight to a newer version. i think it is much better....but that is just me. :) heh so anyways, enjoy, have fun, blah blah, and if you have any suggestions for the site just let us know by making a post. we´ll see what we can do! oh yeah and use the chat room too, it is being used more and more often now which is sweet!
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Hey Slapyo, you asked for opinions, here goes mine. First thing i noticed was the first time I went to reply to a post it took a long time (long is realitive here) to load all of the icons, and it took a while for the screen to size down to my reselution. I have a pretty fast connection, so I can just imagine what it would be like loading up onto a dial-up. Also quite a few of those icons seem a little, how can I say this and still remain politically correct, well lets just say they don´t fit in with this crowd. I mean who is going to use any one of the three butterfly designs as an icon for their post about their Escorts, not to mention the tuxedo bow tie thing, Jack-o-Lantern, the rose, or that weird insect looking thing 3 in from the right on the top row that has now replaced all of the post where I originally used the thumbs up. Oh and another thing I noticed is that the banners denoting actual paying members have dissapeared from next to our names. Not that it is all that important, but it is something I noticed. Well that´s my $.02 Oh and another thing that is bothering me is what the hell is that icon 2 in from the left on the third row from the bottom???? I have no idea what that is supposed to be???
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It´a a martini glass.

I personally think that it "looked" a little better in the pervious version, but oh well. I think that overall the site is designed smartly, so load times are minimal, which is good for all users and helps the server stay strong at peak times, however, I think that all the icons are a little excessive. But THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for upgrading to some normal smileys... the smileys before this looked like mental hospital patients.

Overall, I really think that feoa has a fantastic crew, and after I buy a copy of MatLab, I do intend to become a paying member.

Great work guys, super nice site.

However, I still can´t use the chat, in linux OR in windows XP pro. I´ll check tools--->internet options---> advanced. I bet I´m missing a checkbox for automatically downloading plugins.
Hey, Butterflies Rule!!!!!!
Anyway, I kinda miss the yellow smileys. These BLUE ones look like mental patients to me!
Yeah, these icons seem a bit excessive, and some are not too useful. And lastly, it seems like it goes a little slower when I type in a message. Like it´s always a few letters behind me.
But I guess having said that, I´ve gotta admit that none of this REALLY matters.
FEOA is a great site. Thanks for keeping it that way!!!
ok I gotta test this thing out.... ok icons are a hair girly but I don´t know if we can add/remove them. I´ll look into it.
You lot on this site really are a HOOT! What the devil is a "hair girly????"

I rather liked the demented "mental patients!"

Seriously, I´ve had a look at the UK Escort sites and also the UK Hyundai site and none of them are a patch on this one, if only for the laughs!

Keep up the good work! Thanks a lot.
You know....I liked your old moderator icons:p
Foxy, a "hair girly" is an adjective, not a noun. He means that some of the new icons are rather feminine, such as the butterflies and flowers.
Glad this site makes you laugh. We´re all laughing right along with you!
As for the blue smileys, maybe they are dead-on considering all our Canadian peeps.
(blue=cold, LOL)
I shouldn´t poke fun, cause it´s like 16F here today in PA, BRRR!!!
k, i gonna try to address all the problems in one post! heh

yeah, because of the way the forum was coded, image sizes weren´t thrown in and so the browser doesn´t know how big the image is. then a small image is loaded and the page comes down to the size it should be.

those are the default icons that came with the message board.

denoting members:
i just haven´t had time to get around to putting the code into the forum. i will!

there is no plugin needed for the chat room. the chat room is 100% html and J A V A S C R I P T based. there is no need to have some kind of java plugin, or anything else. if you could, can you send me a pm with the plugin it says you need. or maybe take a screenshot and email me. previously we had a java chat room, then an aim chat room, then we moved away from all that and went to a web based chat room so that nobody was left out. so lemme know so we can get ya in the chat!

if you are typing and the letters are showing up slow, like a few behind what you are typing....then that would be something on your machine. i know that happens to me sometimes when i have alot of applications running.

ok, i hope that i answered everyone here....for the smilie icons we have a choice of colors, ill list em and tell me what you wanna see.

light blue (current)
light gray
light green
light orange
light yellow
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OK Slapyo, it just never did this with the old format. It started as soon as you changed it. Not a big one tho, I can deal!
Yeah, and cast my vote for yellow smilies!
Yea the Smile are YELLOW!!! :) :-D :-] That´s what I was going to vote for too but it has already been done
i see no one else mentioned that the previous larger smileys were straight from MSN Messenger, as are the topic icons now. (at least a few of them)

but i like the current smileys better than the MSN ones! also, why not have multicolored smileys? (one color per smiley i mean)

:-] <- in light green is my all time fav
I prefer the yellow smileys ;-)

And my bad if I steered anybody in the wrong direction with the whole java thing.
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