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Hello there.
I just made a deal with one of my relatives, I´m buying his 1985 or 87 Escort 1.8 . (can´t remember what year..) But I´m looking for pages with guides and how-to´s on interior mods, exterior mods, tutorials on how to put in speakers and such. I don´t know that much about cars, but pages like this would give me some inspiration. I hope you guys can give me som links and such so that I can start looking around. I´m getting the car in about a month so I have som time to look on mods and stuff. As mentioned over, I´m brand new to this, so please don´t make fun ok??:p

BTW: sorry about my "sloppy" english, I´m norwegian..
Best Regards
Tor J. Norway
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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