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ok, thanks for everyone who had submitted something to me. we'd take you all if we could, but that would get way too crazy. i do however expect to request for some more mods in the coming months as the site expands even further. if you were not selected, don't feel bad all the people that applied could have been moderators, but we could only take a few for now.

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depending on how the site expands and how fast will determine our need for more moderators. again, thanks for wanting to help out!

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Hey Slapyo, can you start a new Topic based on wagon. I know that having a wagon topic isn't needed, it woiuld just be nice to have that topic. Thanks, also can you tell me when I can send you that MO, I mean when you move back in to your new place?


also if you have a Wagon topic can I be the moderator. I have know Idea how to be one, but it looks like a cool thing to do.

JustinGT :twisted:
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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