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New Clutch problems

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I just put a new clutch in my gt i just bought got it all together and well I have this weird problem when i push the clutch in with it in gear it will go let the clutch out and then i can shift gears like if i was to be pushing it in anyone have any idea what to do?

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need more info. You´re not making sense. I´m the master of clutch problems though. Explain yo self better.
I´d get a K&N filter. Take your air box out of the car and cut the entire bottom out of it so the whole filter bottom is exposed (leave the lip for it to sit on though) Get some NGK wires and some iridian or bosch plus fours. (advance your timing for an extra boost in horses but make sure you run at least 89 octane in it.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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