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New car...

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Well, I finally found my project car. 1972 chevelle 350 punched .030 over, edlebrock performer rpm intake, roller rockers, nice cam... muncie 4 speed... gm 12 bolt with 3.08s $3,500 hopefully will I will be able to get up there and get it soon. Friend of a friend needs money. If this works out, I will have an escort or 2 to sell...
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just shoehorn it into one of the scorts! or it could probably fit into both ;-)

sounds like a sweeet deal!
sweet dude. you already got my 200 for the block/bottom end. if ya wanna throw anything else in there for the hell of it, I won´t stop ya. :p
well if you have a second gen 2dr my nephew is looking to get one cheap...does not need to run either....he would like to have a gt like mine, but I told him if we find a decent LX with a bad motor we will do a zetec swap and he´ll be straight...after all we have 2 years to get tit together before he gets his license...and he´s footing the whole bill for it all...great kid...I´m putting my labor in for free though
I know a guy with a 69 and u can watch the gas guage go down on it when he passes people, lol. :-o
I´ll pay for shipping, If you let me know if your gonna part one out and sell the other one keep me posted, I need lots of stuff...Mine is definitely a fixer-upper...
keep me posted
I love my Scorts but domestic RWD V-8´s will always own the road. Check out my Z at www.cardomain.com/id/thumperz 12.3 in the quarter 400hp and lotsa unique stuff. I hope you get it it´s a smokin deal.
sweet ride. how bad were the headers to put on. I put a set on a camaro that were a total pain in the ass. once they were on though boy were they nice. tri y´s are the way to go on a small block. thanks doug. sure hope I can get this deal together, gonna check it out on Sunday and if all is good, get it beginning of april.
Ease of the headers really comes down to the make of them. The Hookers are the best in the ease of install category. You should get them for your new ride, get the SuperCompetitions with the 1-3/4" primaries. Sweeeeeeet.
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