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ok guys, we finally got things straightened out and i think we are ready to go! so let´s see those pics start to be uploaded. however there are a few rules that we request that you follow. these rules are in place in order to help keep this from not happening again. bascially the main problem was we ran out of disk space.

(1) please don´t upload more than 4 picutres
(2) make a folder, its name will be your username, the description will be the year/model scort. just look at mine for how the folder should be made.
(3) we reserve the right to change the rules at anytime. so if we wanna say you can now upload a billion pics, go for it! lol

if you have any questions about how to make a folder or about the rules, or anything else feel free to send me a PM or make a post on the message board. i´ll reply as soon as possible, or egtdude can answer your questions too.

ohh yeah, and if you want to upload more pics and make a link to your new pics. i suggest the following site. then after that is made add the link to our links section under the personal scort category.


1993 Escort GT


- FEOA.net

- Personal Site

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Cool, as soon as i get a digital camera i am going to upload some pics of my scort.
I was just wondering on the old site there was a part where you could put what all your scort has in it and what mods you have done so i guess i was wondering if there was ever going to be a thing like that again.
where do you put in the description...i found the album title thing but the description was nowhere to be found.
Ahhh im soo stupid.. can i somehow delete my pic and put it in a folder.. cuz i missed that step
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working on that, but the whole showcase blowing up kinda stopped that. we need to figure a way to seemlessly add that into the site.

that drop down list under your folder has the options, edit title, edit description. its right under the title.
bam bam bam
3 for 3, slapyo´s on a roll!

Barrett R.
´93 Scort LX 2dr h/b 5spd
The 8 Ball Car!

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Geez, I really miss watching the Flintstones cartoon on TV.

Ahh, the good ol´ days.
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hey why did that ever get cancelled.. i love that show.. sittin round in the gym at lunch all 250 of us watching on a lik 8" tv... hahah good old days.. btw thanx slapyo for fixin my stupidity
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