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New Alternator

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Ok guys, I am looking for a new Alternator for my system. Sure the old one is fine.

I have done a few things to upgrade the wiring system in the car, but I think it needs to be upgraded.

I runa 4000 watt stereo system, and I am starting to get a slight amount of flickering since I added neon to the car.

Any how, can some hook me up on a website or a parts place that has one the puts out over 100 amps.

Thanks guys and ladies if there are some

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I don´t know of anyone that has an alternator over 100 amps but mine is 95. There are some car shops and electronics stores that can rewind the armature tighter to produce more power. If you happen to find one tho let me know.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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