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need speed

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i am looking for some new stuff for my car a 99 scort

in need for speed
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in need for speed


lol time to start looking for a different car :-]
You should get some help. drugs are bad for you. ;-)
The 99 Scorts were built for gas mileage and economy. it´s not meant to be hotrodded. Get yourself a ZX2 or 2nd gen EGT if you want to make more power.
well arent we encouraging, hey man more power to ya if you want to hook up an spi there are some bolt ons for it or you could turbo it it all depends on what you want out of it dont listen to people to tell you to get a different car if you want something fast, they dont know what the fuck they are talking about, you just got to look around, check out www.ctamotorsports.com and www.zxtuner.com they have some stuff for your car and you can search for other places around, there is another place like escortfocus.com or something i dont quite remember, but good luck man.


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any car can be built up, but some platforms are just a lot easier to work with and can have greater potential. usually depends if money is an issue, or if you love a certain auto too much! (like me wanting to eventually make my LX into a WRC worthy vehicle...lol won´t happen for a loooong time :-] )
also, building up cars no one expects you to turns them into sleepers...
just be cautious and try not to overestimate your gains. g´luck! ;-)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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