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Need some Major help from the turbo Guru´s

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Heres what´s up. I installed my VJ-20 today. running oil, coolant, and I have a starion FMIC.

I check valved every vacuum line (to be safe). I have my wastegate shimmed down to 6psi. Well 6psi on the compressor turned out to be about 4psi on the car.

We needed some last minute parts (that broke during install) So we drove to checker...with no boost gauge or anything. The scort ran okay, but it was flooding too much because I screwed up a check valve on the stock FPR. But hey, black smoke or not, rich is better then lean. Well, fixed the boost gauge and started up the car.

Here´s the prob, the scort wont idle right. It just keeps dying. I have the OEM box with the line that goes to the IAC valve. But it just wont idle right.

Did any of you guys get a problem like that??? How did you fix it ??? How is your Idle Air Control Valve hooked up with the turbo on ????

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Hey Blade, I take it you didn´t go to the track tonight then? Let me know when you do plan on going. Anyway, about the stalling thing, Of course I don´t have a turbo, but I ran into a poblem where after I was done working on my car it wouldn´t stay running mor than a couple seconds and that was only if I floored the pedal. Anyway, turns out I didn´t hook the hose from the VAF to the TB up right, and there was air getting by after the VAF and therefore not moving the vane. Weird thing was when I unplugged the VAF and the car started right up, but lit the Check Engine light. I´m thinking it may be possable that when you were messin around with the turbo, maybe you didn´t hook the intake tube up right, or you bumped it, and maybe the VAF isn´t registering air flow. Also you could always check the trouble codes to see what they tell you.

Would check the piping from the Air Meter to the turbo and then from the turbo to the intake, it probably has a leak somewhere. you should not be running rich under non boost, if there is a leak, it would explain the rich condition(which i assumed is all the time) and the bad idling.

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I forgot to ask, you´re running stock injectors right? and how did you connect the AFM to the turbo intake?

Pimp, I WAS there last night. I was there with the Saab with the yellow rims, the black Civic Si with the yellow bodykit, and the red 3000GT in the parking lot.

Orlando, I was running rich at first because there was no vacuum line on the OEM FPR. So it was just registering no vacuum all the time and running as fat as could be.

All my plumbing is ghetto until Prescott Muffler can custom make me alot of parts.

My Engine is CRAMMED. yeah we fit the stock airbox and the little box that has the nipple for the idle air control valve and fit it under the stock upper radiator hose. We only accomplished it by cussing, screaming, bleeding and forcing it to fit.

My friend Rob and I think the idles off because my vacuum levels are WAY off with the turbo sucking all the time.
so, now it´s not running rich but you still have the bad idle problem?

No, its running fine (1lb of boost), but it wont idle right.
I still think it´s an intake leak, i had a problem with the plastic tube that connects to the turbo intake and my car would not idle. make sure that the pipe to turbo intake is sealling properly.
Yeah, I think its the same pipe you had probs with.

Worst part is the IAC valve hose doesn´t quite reach to where my airbox is...so it keeps popping off. Then when my car dies...I can´t start it again.
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