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Need some help!

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Hey guys i need some help. i have a 95 escort lx. I just got it a month ago and i really want to make it something more than it is. I don´t have a ton of money to invest but i still want to do something. It´s blue-green, no spoiler, its got the nasty orange tailights and reflectors. I am getting a stock spoiler to put on it. I definitely can´t afford a new paintjob but maybe some decals or something. Any ideas?
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power would be great, only 88 horsepower now, but wouldn´t it cost a lot to upgrade. and i do want looks, i don´t need a lot, but i need to do something
Unless you want to make it a ´ricing spoof´ car, don´t put decals on it. It would make me ashamed to be an escort owner if i saw a car with a bunch of stickers all over not so hot looking paint. (unless of course I knew it was to make fun of hondas including the one I saw with white rims, white "rip" down the sides and the altezzas).
If you´re going to get an OEM wing I suggest the 91 or 92 GT 3 piece wrap around spoiler. Since that wing was on only 2 years of the car it´s quite a bit more rare than the 1 piece that´s on 93-up GTs and LXs.
Maybe you could do an intake extension, or upgrade your spark plugs to Bosch platinum two, or even four prong spark plugs, with new wires.
Maybe put in a short shifter and change out your shifter linkage bushings. (if its a manual)
You could put in a nice sound system. I got an MTX 150 w amp and a 200w 10" sub along with my Pioneer 5x7s and 4" clarions in my doors right now and I´m loving them. Just a few slightly expensive ideas for you. ;-)
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i do have nice sound. sony xplod 50wx4 head unit, 6 1/2" 140-watt clarions in the front doors, 6 1/2" 140-watt pioneers in the back, a no name (american legacy) 450 watt amp, and single 10" 700 watt sony xplod sub.

I do want to do something with the exterior to make it look a little sportier.
will the all red tracer taillights and rear reflectors fit in my escort?
I´m not sure. When I tried to order replacement taillamps, I received Tracer lamps...they use a single bulb for both the taillamps and turn signals so they´d fit, but they wouldn´t work right. unless your escort uses a single bulb for the turn signal and taillamp. :-?
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