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Need some help

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Hey guys, I tried doing the stock intake and putting a Cone air filter and for one reason or the other it didn´t work. But while i was doing that i had to cut my stock intake tube....so my real question is does anyone have an extra intake tube in good condition for a 1.8L. And how much would it cost me? I just went ahead and bought a K&N High Flow air filter. and i´m putting the box back in...until i figure out what i did wrong.
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Sorry man i don´t have any spare intakes around. Wish I could help ya. check out ebay.
Sorry, no spare here...what wouldn´t work ? why did you cut your tube ?
Because the cone filter was too big and wouldn´t fit in the space provided. 91sleeper told me to check and make sure the MAF is positioned correctly, cause that may be the source of my problems....i´m gonna check it out tommorow
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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