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Need new struts for LX wagon

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As you all know, my 1995 escort LX wagon shakes because the rear struts are underdampened and worn out. I need new rear suspension.

Which struts fit my 95 LX wagon?
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Tokico S/R´s for the ZX2 fit and are a good up-grade
$160 US for a set of 4 is the best price that I have seen for them.
Will they fit my LX?
What additional mounting hardware and shiz will I need?
Can I lower my ride at all? :D
I keep hearing folks here mentioning that TOKICO has4 struts for $160 for ´scorts, but I ain´t seeing the WHERE. So, fess up! Where can I grab a set- the ´95 T/Racer needs them BAD!!!!!!!!
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but I have no idea where- their layout sux0rZ

hey jwr- are you lowering your ride at all?
found it:
go to oemfordparts.com



it´ll bring you right to em (there´s only one choice)
CHECK IT OUT. I have a set of tokico S/R struts w/ Ground Control coilovers for sale. I want $400 plus shipping. I only had them on my car for about 2 months. If you are interested, just letting you guys know. [email protected]
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are these for a zx2, lx, or GT?

400 is probably more than I want to invest in my wagon... I´d rather just get a GT.
What are the cheapest struts I can buy that will work FAIRLY? I´m basically looking for something that I can just throw on it to make it work, because I wanna sell this bitch and get me a GT.

thanks guys.
Tokico´s are a great strut. Best of all they use a slightly shorter rod inside so they are a better candidate when lowering a vehicle. KYB AGX´s are AWESOME too..but I will admit a friend of mine totalled his Talon because he didn´t have enough suspension travel with his struts.
yeah I don´t want to put too much stress on it and mess up the camber and everything. The geometry of the escort wasn´t designed for that height. I think i´d strain the CV joints and stuff.

Besides, I want to ditch my wagon. What is really really cheap and works?
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