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in my adolescent development class we are writing a book with the teacher that will be published. we wanted to include in the book some stuff from actual adolescents, not just what research shows. so we came up with a list of questions we would like answered. your answers could possibly be used in the book itself as quotes.

you will not be linked to your answers in any way. soon as i get your email, i save the Word DOC you attatch and delete the email. all of the Word DOCs will be submitted to the teacher for her to go over with us in class and we can pick out what answers we like. your name will not be included with any quotes in the book.

we are just looking for honest answers that might be helpful for this book. the book is going to be a self help book for adolescents. we already have a publisher lined up for it. we just need to collect the data and write the book.

if you would like to participate please write to my email ([email protected])and i will email you a Microsoft Word DOC. fill it out and return it to me. if you know of anyone else who might want to participate, please feel free to pass on the DOC and my email address so they know where to send it. the only requirement is they be between 16-24 years old.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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