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Need help with a fuel pump and injectors

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Hey everyone,
I need some help with getting bigger injectors. I have stock ones right now, I think they are 235cc/min But not totally sure. Anyhow I´m having a major problem with fuel now with the turbo. I know the 460cc out of an RX7(89-92) will work because they are the high impedance injector, but I dont have access to any in a hurry.

If the conversion rate that we used is right a 30lb/hr injector will be like 315cc/min with the fuel pressure riser I could get 354cc out of them. I think I can get an injector like that alot cheaper.

Anyone know how to help? Or where to get a bigger pump and what size to get?

Or,...if you happen to have this stuff laying around and want to help out for a small amount let me know.
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Hey blade, Try ebay. I just got my 19 lbs injectors in the mail yesterday. They were from a Mustang 5.0. I noticed on one side they say Ford, and the other side says Nippon Denso, so I´m sure they are probably the same style as the ones on your engine. I´m sure you could find some 32 lbs on a hopped up mustang in a Junk yard. Or there is All Mustang Recylcling out in Phoenix, I´m sure they would have an set or an engine with a set some where in their yard. As far as the fuel pump goes, I don´t know how yours is set up, but the one in my car is the same dementions as a 5.0 also. So I´ve been toying with getting a higher volume fuel pump from a 5.0.
Thats my biggest prob so far. What is the freaking conversion for cc to lb/hr. I went to Napa, Checker, GhettoZone, no place could help me. I need a 330cc high impedance injector...or close to it, that has the same angle for the dovetail to plug into.
From what I found if you divide the cc´s by 10.21 you should convert to lbs/hr. So 330 cc / 10.21 = 32.32.
By the way, 30lbs ford injectors hae red tops, 35lbs are brown and 36lbs injectors have a dark blue top. Couldn´t find anything on 32lbs injectors. I read some where that 94 and newer Thunderbird super coupes had 36lbs (367cc) injectors stock.

Maybe theses will work?

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Well I found a guy that only deals with RX7 parts and told me make him an offer for 89-92 nonTurbo RX7 injectors.

I´ve actually seen the injectors go as cheap as 12bucks.

What I´m hoping with this post is one of the guys that went turbo can tell me what fit in their EGT´s.
domestic injectors won´t fit, so don´t even worry about lbs/per hour. Just about any Mazda injector will fit our rails and plug right up you just need to make sure they are the right impednce. The escort gt injectors are 245cc/min. 270cc/min is as high as you can go and maintain a good idle. If you go any higher and your going to need a fuel controller like piggy back system or stand alone. 2nd gen RX-7´s are 460cc/min 2nd gen turboII´s are 550cc/min and 3rd gen RX-7´s are primary 720cc/min and secondaries are 850cc/min. Get a aftermarket 3rd gen RX-7 fuel pump it will drop in 225lph. Should be more then enough. Walbro fuel pumps are genaric holley pumps for half the price.
not sure how much boost your running but 220cc injectors are good for 240hp on a 2.0L engine running at a max of 7000 rpm at 85% duty cycle.. 440cc with the same usage and tach specs are good for 350 hp in a 2.0L.

if your running 4-5lbs on a 1.8L at the standard tach settings then going to anything over the the mid 20lb/hr size is gong to do nothing but keep the car from running and most likely you´ll never get above 50% duty cycle. start with 19lbs injectors and work up.

I build kits for the zetec the 17lb/hr injectors are good for 190whp at 6500 rpm. this is running .45 bar (6.83psi )
how in the world are you getting that much flow out of a 220c. Seriously even with my fmu installed I hit 4.5 -5psi and I can feel the car take a nose dive from lack of fuel. Pulling the plugs we can see where its just running way too lean.
I sugest you get an A/F ration guage so you can verify that that is what is really happening. Also did you ever do anything with the VAF? Or is it still sitting at an angle?
still angled until I can get it to a cone filter
You can run 5-6psi on the 245cc/min injectors but the factory fuel pump just can´t keep up. You will notice a difference on how the car runs just by swaping out pumps to a bigger one. The is a guy that is running everthing factory on his 2nd gen escort gt, yes air box also and he only did VJ-20 turbo, manifold, starion intercooler, fmu, fuel pump and 2.5inch exhaust. His car run´s fine and pulled a 14.9 quarter mile. On the factory tires. I´ll try and find his web sight for you. He´s on the escortgt mailing list most of the week his name is Bill.

The stock 230cc injectors and the FMU will suffice for 5-6 psi, but Dennis is right, your stock fuel might not, however i ran fine at 5-6PSI with my stock pump and injectors. You can find 330cc injectors on the 1.8LGTX, Maybe Braden or Corksport can supply them. If you go with the 460cc(red tops), part # 195500-2010 from the RX7 you will need an APEXI S-AFC to control them as the stock ECU will not be able to lean them out enough to idle properly.
these numbers I´m using are stright from RC injectors, I´ve worked with them to develop an optional injector package for our zetec turbo kits..
Well everyone, I think I´ve decided to go with injectors that are the 460cc (easy to find) and I REALLY want the AFC, because it just looks damn cool. Hoping it might help my idle probs too since my BOV is atmospheric...if not, oh well, next prob to work on. And I think I found a pump.

Here´s the thing with the pump. Its from a 97 Mitsu Eclipse GS-T. It looks like it wires the same as the OEM one. Can anyone confirm it will work. The only reason why I´m trying for this pump is my friend went to a 255 L/H and will give it to me for 15 bucks.
It won´t work, I´ve tried one years ago. Dam thing left me on the side of the road because it dosen´t pick up fuel from our tank very well.
damn that really sucks. Anyone got a fuel pump out there ?
460cc/min injectors at 5 -6 psi on a 1.8L ??

do yourself a big favor read the bosch tunning manual for LH-jetronic systems.. in particular the performance tunning and the singlan processing sections.. also read up on injectors below minimun duty cycle and low fuel rail pressures..

walking time bomb and a hazard to yourself and others, when you.. guess.. at what your doing with a turbo setup.
I´m not completely guessing at this whole set up. This set up with the VJ-20 is a set up Denis started with, and Orlando has working. I know Denis mentioned that a friend of his is running the VJ-20 aswell. The 460 are really huge injectors to be going with, but its simply because I can´t get the 330´s easily. And the plan isn´t to run 5-6psi....5-6 was the starting point. The plan is daily drive the car with much more.
One thing I forgot to mention is at present moment I´m running unboosted. Like I said the fuel system was just not handling even on 4-5lbs. We pulled a spark plug (no.1) and we could see where the electrode was pitted and powdered white from the temps being too high. There was a ring around the plugs that were as black as black could be from running so rich at idle (why of which I haven´t been able to figure out since buying the car).
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