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Need GT transmission

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Anyone in New York State have an auto transmission for the 1.8 to sell? In the northeast or Canada even? Plz?
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do you have a 1.8 standard to sell, cuz if u did, all my dreams would come true and i would love you.
good luck. i got a 91 gt with the 1.8. I looked everywhere to find one and no luck. Finally i broke down and had it rebuilt for $2300. I live in PA and I had a guy look on the network for me and they wern´t easy to come by. Sides with the rebuilt i get a warrenty. With the used I didn´t so thats a bit of a bonus.
I live in KC MO and i am trying to sell my wrecked 92 egt. The engine still works it just needs 4 new tires ,a new radiator support, windshield, front right strut, grill, hood, and front bumper. Other than that it is in pretty good shape.
Oh, and a new ac condencer.
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if u can help me find all the pieces to put together a manual tranny for a 1.8l, ill give u my tranny,
i had my auto tranny rebuilt in november or december. it now has about 4,000 or less miles on it. for some reason the car still shifted rough, but i think it was due to other reasons.

since the car broke, i probably won´t go back to the tranny place b4 the year is up and have them rebuild it again, but i might buy another escort or still get mine fixed, so i dunno if i can sell it. besides, its still on the car. ill let you know what happens though if anything does.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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