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Need Advice re: Gauges...

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Okay...I´m just messing around with different fonts for my gauges.
Have a look at the 3 samples and let me know which one you people prefer.
I´m torn between these 3.


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For me, the middle one is out of the question but I´d have to say the 3rd one is my favorite.
I dunno how "wild and crazy" you wanna get, but the font at www.escortracing.com makes for some cool gauges. FYI I am using the font "Xenotron" for mine
I like the third one, it just looks sportier.
Tried using the font you recommended (Xenotron).
Looks a bit too hectic for me.

Also tried adding more numbers to the 3rd sample from above...
have a look...need feedback!

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The 3rd one looks best to me. Not with the extra numbers though, too cluttered. You should try the font "Earth" (the escortracing.com one) like soccer_fan_03 said, it is pretty sweet looking.
Yeah the 3rd without the extra #s There too busy
I still think you should give the "Earth" font at escortracing.com a try, but of the ones there definately the third one, but without the extra numbers, to cluttered like mike said
I still like the third one withought the extra numbers because it is easier to read.
Well Shiney look at it this way, you are going to be the one staring at them all day so if it were me I´d pick what I would want to look at not what other people think looks best. Also, I like how you extended the range of the speedometer, but how are you going to go about getting it calabrated to read that range properly?? If you know how let me know, I´d love to recalibrate mine to go to atleast 115. I have to say though 180 is a streach, especially for a 1st gen LX.
OK damnit, I´ve said it before and I´ll say it again. Damn that metric system. I guess 180 KmPH isn´t a streach seeing as how the inside MPH was at 110. I wonder..... Maybe I can get a Canadien speedo that will go to 110, and transplant it into my car and make my own guage face to get rid of the KmPH. Hmmmmm I wonder
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1st one is kinda easier to read, but the 3rd one is best to actually look at.
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