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Need Advice Re: Decal Kits....

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I´m in the market for a sticker kit for my 89LX but I can´t seem to
find any designs on the internet that suit my body style.
Does anyone have any suggestions??
I was messing around with Photoshop this morning and came up with this lame design,
but I was kinda looking for something more elaborate.


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Don´t bastardize your car with stickers, it looks good as it is. I haven´t seen many escorts that old in that good of shape.
I agree. Your scort looks sharp as it is!
Maybe racing stripes over the top if you must.
yeah you don´t need em. thats the nicest first gen i have seen yet.
That is a very nice 1st gen. If you do decide to go for decals, or accent paint, keep it simple and low contrast.
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jcwhitney has wide stripes. I would go for a dual over the top in black or dark blue.
stripes just don´t suit that car... get something similiar to nukes.
He´s not the only good lookin´ 1st Gen now... ;-) :-D
personally I like blue, so his car is prettier than yours Rascal, but damn am I jealous of what you´re carrying around in your trunk. :p
In other words, my car would be shit if it didn´t have my sound system? ;-) Guess its time for a paint job then, the OEM paint isn´t holding up to today´s standards. :p
BMW Topaz Blue Metallic is the way to go.
Shit rascal, i´m not trying to offend, but I´m sayin I like his better, hell if you saw my car in the next lane you´d laugh at it cause it looks a hell of a lot worse than yours. rust and f**kin paint that looks like shit. then the dirt and road salt. stupid winter. :-Y
Hell, it isn´t a big deal. I know you were bullshitin´ about my car. Its just somebody was dissing on my car today at work. Saying I needed to put "curb feelers" and chrome fender trim on my car b/c it looked "ghettoed" out. Pissed me off big time. Said part was, he was a customer at my store. :-Y
Yeah but you got something to brag about in your car, my stereo system is a Pioneer DEH 2100 tuner with 4" clarions and 5x7 Pioneers in the rear...not much but I can hear it. I get beaten out by freakin Lumina Z34s and thats what pisses me off. stupid 2nd gear. :-|
you underestimate the lumina z34... they are a quick car for their price tag. Hard on gas though.
You´re a dumbass, I´ve never underestimated any car I´ve ever drag raced with off a light. I´ve always expected to get my ass kicked, what pissed me off about him was he tried his hardest, beat the shit out of me and then slowed way down when he got in front of me, and then tried to brake check me. I love Z34s, and the newer LTZs. I´d take one in a heart beat.
Ok, fight nice girls! :-]

And what happened to the original topic anyway???
He´s sayin shit in which he doesn´t have any clue of what I´m thinking, 2reds, besides that he´s pissed me off before hand...but anyway...
back to the original topic, I think you should leave your car exactly the way it is, Shiney. I´m jealous of how awesome your car looks and I don´t think you should marr up it´s appearance. ;-)
Why do I get the feeling this conversation is no longer about decals?
Shiney: I would leave the decals off in my opinion. I would get the GT wheels cleaned up and installed and get some GT side skirts painted to installed on your Scort. That would look really sweet! ;-)
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