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two nights ago i was cruising (40mph) down a country road around 11:30 at night with a buddy of mine. as my friend was telling me a story, i interrupted him my calling out "deer", because, ya know, there was a deer crossing the road about 200ft in front of us. all was good, so we went on our merry way.

then, about 50ft in front of us was the previous deer's girlfriend (a doe to be correct) who was running out into the road. so i slow down, and so does she. when i noticed that the deer was hesitating, therefore yielding me the right of way, i started to speed up again, and she did too. that whacked-out animal ran into the side of my car. i mean, c'mon! what are the odds of when a deer and a car collide, it's the deer hitting the broadside of a vehicle?! it sounded like a bunch of rocks were thrown at my car, loud.

it took us about a 1/4 of a mile to realize what happened exactly, and pulled over at our college parkinglot to see the damage and to laugh our a$$es off. the only visible "damage" present, was a 1ft line of deer snot between the gas tank and the door right above the wheel well.

now, i know i it sucked that it happened. but if it had to be a deer, (thank god) it was a female deer, and one who missed my windows entirely and yielded so it wasn't a head-on collision. :wink:

i wonder what kinds of interesing stories everyone has to tell about their experiences with natire, good or bad. anyone else with a story? :lol:
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