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I bought a partial OG focus power turbo kit a little while back when I first bought the car (came up on craigslist about a week or two after I bought it) that I'm slowly building the car up to be able to handle. Along with this turbo kit (came with everything in the original full kit except for the intercooler) it came with a bunch of electronics, unused genuine walbro 255 fuel pump, some other misc stuff, gaskets, and 2 sets of cams.

One of these sets of cams I believe are stock OEM set for a focus head, the other cams I can't figure out who made them or the specs on them. If I remember right the seller said they were a turbo specific grind. They both are equal in diameter on the front end where the sprockets mount, so I'm fairly certain they are for a Focus Zetec and not an SVT (confirmed they both have the same thread size). I will post pictures of them soon. They appear to be ground from Sportcam blanks.

I've read a few posts online that claim that all that is needed to run focus cams in a ZX2 head is a VCT delete (Massive Speed Systems still sell them), and of course some adjustable sprockets to dial in the cams. Anyone done this before or have seen it done that can confirm this?

TL;DR: Can Focus cams be run in a ZX2 head by using a VCT delete kit?
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