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Hey everybody, go to my site! http://www.cardomain.com/id/james92scort and vote in my poll!

If I decide to get a second car next summer, what car do you think I should buy?

2002-03 Subaru Impreza WRX, F4(T/C) w/ 227 hp 217 lb-ft, 5.4s 0-60

1998 Chevrolet Lumina LTZ, V6 w/ 195 hp 205 lb-ft, 7.6s 0-60

1997-98 Chevy Camaro Z28, V8 w/ 285 hp 310 lb-ft, 5.4s 0-60

1998-99 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, V6(S/C) w/ 240 hp 280 lb-ft, 6.6s 0-60

1992 Ford Taurus SHO, V8 w/ 238 hp 230 lb-ft, 6.7s 0-60

1994-95 Ford Escort GT, I4 w/ 127 hp 114 lb-ft, 8.4s 0-60

I think I could love all these cars...that´s why it´s so hard to decide which one I like the most!
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I think your info on the sho is wrong unless the engine has been replaced, they didnt come with v8´s until 96. i would go with the wrx it will smoke anything on your list.
You´re right, I didn´t think about it, the 96 was the first year for the 3.4L 60 degree V8, the rest were 3.0L H.O. V6s. I for some reason, didn´t think about it.
And yes, the WRX will smoke everything on that list, with exception to the Z28, and the Z28 will kill the WRX at speeds over 125 mph. Subaru electronically limited the top speed of the car. Don´t ask me why, cause I don´t like that
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The 1997 Z28 has the LT1 in it, and the 98 Z has an LS1... i think it´s rated at 320, but it´s more around 350HP... if you want to go fast get an LS1... otherwise, I would add a 99+ Mustang GT to your list...They are quick, not as quick as an LS1, but they don´t look like a fish.
Mustang GTs suck ass. my friend has one and he has completely ruined Mustangs in general for me. I will NEVER buy a Mustang in my life. I hate them. I want a Camaro to kill Stangs with. LT1s and/or LS1s will do the trick. But I´d rather do it with a WRX
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Your friend sounds like a real douchebag. Shame, because Mustangs can be pretty cool, especially a late sixties fastback. Now theres a kick ass car.
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On 2002-12-01 23:24, 2FordsandaDub wrote:
Your friend sounds like a real douchebag. Shame, because Mustangs can be pretty cool, especially a late sixties fastback. Now theres a kick ass car.


yea! BOSS
Yeah 2Fords, back in the day he was my best friend. I´ve known him since 5th grade. He first got a car called the Dodge Dynasty.
V6 ...well actually he had a V5, one cylinder was clogged. He beat the shit out of that car, and it was fun cause he didn´t care. why should he? it was an 88 hehe. When that finally died on him and he bought a really nice 1998 Black Chevy Lumina Four door. Tinted the windows silver, put twin 12" subs in the back with a Pioneer 450 watt indash system with remote and put on shiney hubcaps. That car was sweet. When my other friend bought a 2000 Grand Am GT, and he´d try to race him, but my first friend would say "he´s gonna kick my ass, but i don´t care..." Then for some reason he suddenly decided he wanted a 4.6L 2001 Ford Mustang GT Convertible, and then wam bam he was all like "I´m gonna kick your ass everytime we race" (now realize, my car was meant to kill Cavaliers, not other V8 Fords) and "your Escort will never be as fast as my Mustang" oh, and my favorite "yeah you held your own on the highway at 120 mph, but you were still behind me." Now I just can´t take that kind of bullshit from a guy who didn´t give a shit about it just two weeks prior. This is about the time I started to notice Camaro Z28s BIG time. I also noticed that their timeslips were slightly less, and surprisingly, they could do it with less horsepower/torque than Mustangs. I haven´t talked to him since August, which really is his loss cause I can find him superchargers and shit for his car that he wants, but doesn´t have the foggiest idea of what the hell they are. To make a long story, well...long...I don´t like Mustangs anymore. in fact I glare at them on the road when I see them. Especially GTs. They piss me off. all these assholes think they´re something.
If ONLY I wanted 300 dollar insurance/400 dollar car payments I´d plop my paychecks down at the Subaru Dealership and spank his ****** 4.6L V8 with my turbocharged 2.0L Flat 4 and laugh at him all the way to the gas station and then home.
Same goes for the Z28s. I´d still take him, but i´d be doing it with more displacement and more horsepower/torque.
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