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my scorts short lifetime of kills (so far)

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killed several cavaliers, a civic ex (new one), a probe, an eclipse (that I think was turbo´d cause it was really quick(chick driving boyfriends car I think), but I killed her of course)
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Nice, here´s my list.

This is after alot of runs on the popular drag street where i live...

civic dx, si
cavalier z24 old ones and new ones
sunfire gt´s
nissan 240 sx, 200nx
toyota tercel
pick ups... dakotas...

if the driver is good the civic si will give you a good challenge and if it`s modified it will beat my stock gt...
So far:

New Eclipse with a fart can
Sunfire GT
Beat up Talon, so I don´t know if that was really fair... he tried, and failed. Miserably.
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Ok here´s my list, I´m probably going to forget a few, and I know i´ll have to explain a few.

Early 90s Cavy. Killed him at 60 mph after we both came out of the wendy´s parking lot, he came out first, i came out second, flew by him, at which point he tailgated me, but couldn´t get past me.

Many more Cavaliers, can´t count them all. Only got one Z24 that i can remember though. If i remember right, it wasn´t that close of a race. I lost him in my blind spot for a second, then I noticed his headlights in my rearview...

I was sitting at this light, coming home from class, and this dude in this Oldsmobile was next to me. I noticed he launched hard, but I wasn´t paying attention, so when i started actually trying he was already ahead of me, I kept within his rear door until he slammed on the brakes at 70 mph to avoid hitting the car he had just run up on. To me, IF i was trying from the beginning I think i would have killed him.

I got at least 3 Neons so far, one was all pinkish/purple with no hubcaps a couple weeks ago.

Ford Ranger Sport...he tried though. He got an elongated view of my rusted fender lip and gas cap, that ended by the time I hit 55 mph cause he quit.

Killed some Buckeye (from Ohio) chick with a Green Pontiac Trans Am. Ok, the story is she flew around some people on the shoulder in my city, (that being the 5th time I´ve seen someone do that, it pissed me off, and this time I could do something about it) so i caught up and passed her at 100 mph, (outside the city at this point) she tried to catch up and for some reason, she couldn´t, i was holding my own, I´m chalking it up to she probably didn´t want a 45-50 mph over speeding tickets

I wanted so badly to try this little late 90s Civic Si Hatchback coupe one night, but none of the lights would change. (usually people don´t wish for redlights...) He had a big ace tail pipe stickin out the back.

Thats my list so far, hopefully my car stops acting up when i get it back because i´ve sunk 500 dollars for all the repairs in the past 2 weeks. 127 to replace the belts, 377 to get the intake/exhaust replaced along with some maintenance.
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I smoked a stock Ford Festiva once.
Does that count for anything?
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I´ve got a ´98 Cavalier Z24 under my belt, as well as a newer Plymouth Voyager (okay, I know it´s not fair, but they wanted to race, and I beat them, so I consider it a win).
LOL plymouth voyager...haha
It´s sad really, newer Sunfire GTs with 2.4L I4s are faster than even the newer Cavalier Z24s with V6s in them.
Cant really say I have raced many cars with my Escort, just got it about a week ago, but to my list I can add a new 2002 Honda Civic ex..98 4Runner...sad to say, my old 91 LX..a ranger here and there, but the best part is the list shall continue to growundefined
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nobody drags around here... everybody owns shitmobiles... except for the college students.
I think my only kill was probably against a probe. Some guy pulled up next to me pretty quickly and was revving his engine. I revved mine a bit too
then the light turned green and I took off, but he didn´t. I didn´t think he knew we were racing, but either way I won- LOL
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There´s a lot of Civics around here, but everybody (not including me) has a life on Friday and Saturday nights when i drive around. So I barely get to ever race anyone. that whole list in my last post here is over the course of a year that I can remember. But when it happens it happens, unless i don´t feel right about it, like if i did it i´d get caught...then I just let them fly by me.
my kills: ´98 z22, Lim. Ed. 1980 turbo TA, ´91 ninety-eight oldsmobile (well it was a 6 cyl, and he wanted to race, but it´s so heavy!), previous gen Neon (not r/t), a couple others which were minor and i can´t recall

killed me: black WRX (we both knew i had no chance, but i had to show my courage
), ´00 grand am SE (dern traction control in the rain...that and the 6 cylinders...), some older 350hp+ at least mustang - he had his drag slicks on while cruisin
man that thing made some noise!
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94 F150, 94z24, neon, stock 95 Honda dx I believe.

99 Dakota, 95 civic si, 91 surban 350 V8
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So your saying a Scort is FASTER than all of these cars.. is it the cars that win, or the people driving them
it´s always a combination of both. you have to know your cars strengths and weakpoints. You have to make sure you keep your car in it´s "sweet spot" as long as possible. for 2nd Gen EGTs it´s between 4000 rpms and redline.
it would have to be driver because I highly doubt an escort could beat an eclipse or probe in a race... unless they are the base models.
It´s definitely the driver. I beat a base trim RSX by almost a car length. I wanted to show my stupidity and cahjones by racing the guy and I won. Only mods I have are new intake and my lack of a cat and resonator. My car´s louder than I like but I feel it.

The car that slaughtered me the worst.... It was a Mercedes. I dunno what, it was night and he pulled up to me. First light I went and he didn´t. Second light we both went and were right beside eachother. Third light and I knew it was over. Should´ve seen the smile on the guys face at that light. I decided to try anyway but he was gone before I noticed my jaw on the floor.

*Sigh* One day the Mibzcort´ll be that fast....
here´s what i got under me

1997 & some 1999 civic dx, ex, and si(barely with that one)
1997-1999? grandam gt
chevy S10 extreme
1992 Subaru Legacy AWD
1990 thunderbird turbocoupe--lol
a ton of escort LX´s & EXP
1998 Neon
19?? beretta gt
My old kill list is made up of
Crown Vic
Crown Vic police edition
bmw 325
bmw 740il
some old civic with a fart can and some "performance" stickers
A caravan lol
sebrine - got a ticket for that one
v6 mustang - the guy tried to neutral drop figuring he´d impress his girl by beating a zx2, i watched as he dropped it into drive and nearly snapped his gf´s neck lol, all while i just pulled away
an old grand marque
riced out caviler to the max- he got a ticket and probably a night in jail for that one
f 150 v8 triton
some beat ass corsica
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I had Brian E. (DemonicEGT) with me on this one on Friday night...I was sittin in the left lane downtown on the 4 lane one way main arterial-road (this is when we went up to Washington Center to look at a Red 92 EGT like mine, Brian) then this old ass "boat" pulled up next to me, the light turned green and he gunned it... I, at first, gently took off and then saw him try to get around me and into my lane because his lane was blocked by a Chevy truck or something at which point I said "no way f**ker you ain´t gettin in front of me" and gunned it, he had to slow down cause he couldn´t get in front of me. I killed this guy in first gear with someone in my car. :p
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