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my new tat!

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Yup I got a tattoo last monday. My Fiance´s brother is one hell of a tattoo artist. Which is odd because my Fiance came up with most of the design. I added a little as did Josh (the tattoo guy).

So its on my right upper arm. Spent about 3 hours under the needle with probably about an hour to go.... I was bleeding to much to finish it that night.

It is not miss-aligned. obviously depending on how you hold your are moves the skin and the tattoo!

For those that don´t know what it is. It is a viking sheild and sword. Both are out of a historical book so we are not talking "lord of the rings" or anything like that. The center of the shield is the "celtic tree of life". I´ll let you do your own research on that one.

I have not decided if I´m only going to finish it up or add to it. I suspect I´ll be adding to it and completing the whole upper arm. Possibly the lower arm but that would not be hidden as easily as this is.

anyone near Grand Rapids, MI that is interested I can get you in touch with him. Great guy and one hell of an artist. After seeing how he works I probably won´t let anyone else give me a tattoo.

P.S. they are addicting. It hurts but trust me its worth it. Make sure you pick something you will want in 60 years though. and don´t pick something trendy.
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P.P.S. hehe it looks small but isn´t. it takes up most of the upper arm. from about 2" above the elbow to about 2" below the top of my shoulder.
I saw a guy with a tatoo of a puzzle on his scalp... was cool cause if he didnt want it he could grow his hair out.
a friend of mine just got a rose, like right below HER waist line......it looks really nice....maybe i can get a picture of that one for you guys :-]
having it done on your head would hurt like a biatch!
guys, do you want to see the worst tattoo, yet the coolest i have ever seen..

its a little offensive, but if anyone wants the email, ill send them, its a guy who has a dragon tatooed on his genitals.. amazing yet gross


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i truly wonder if that would be a turn on or off for women...
would be good for gossip though :-]
"Hey, guess what? I got ****ed by a dragon last night!"
i know of a guy that has Curly Joe from the 3 stooges tattooed on the back of his head.
Hey egtdude. Think you can post the picture again? I never saw this topic and im interested in this kind of stuff. Look at my avatar you'll notice on my right leg I have a hugue tatoo... It's a Half devil Half angel hanging on to their values. Post it again please!!! :)

Started it at 17 and been adding every year and im 21. You're right it is addictive. It goes from my lower caff to my ankle.
There was a famous tattoo here that had a foxhunt galloping down a bloke's back and a fox brush sticking out of his back end!! If I had one it would be "Made in England" on my bum!! How would I sit down though!! 8O
Foxy said:
If I had one it would be "Made in England" on my bum!!
You're one of a kind, Foxy :D
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