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well, i´ve been calling around lately and i´ve found a possible idea for me to get a car for myself....i´m gonna find a 82-89 monte carlo, buy it, do absolutely nothing to it as far as engine work, maybe drop a system in it and do an exhaust......however, my escort is either staying or going, and i have one idea for that......would it be benefical to maybe swap it from fuel injection to carb. just do i don´t have to mess with all those sensors, and would it even be possible? i found an engine for 50 bucks...just don´t know...and if i would sell it, i want 400$$ for it, it runs, needs a minor tune up(don´t know exactly what), it has a new clutch, spark plugs,tires, gaskets...just needs someone more willing than me to work on it......

so anyways,
--86 Mercury Lynx....
120,000 miles....5 spd....stock....new tires,spark plugs, wires, cap rotor, ignition module,clutch, head gasket, cylinder head......option of taking the system also.... *sony xplod cdxl600x cd player, and single 10" sub*
400$$obo ...i would rather sell it to someone local but if you can pick it up, i refuse to drive it anywhere.(considering how much i put into this car, this is a steal)

85 nissan 300zx....leather interior,ttops, auto,100000 miles....fairly new tires, new plugs and wires, has had the injector recall...needs crank angle sensor/resistor in the coil.... 500 obo

call 4126280317 lv a msg.

both cars will need to be towed, well, i would rather have them towed if i were you
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