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my new car

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i just got a new car. it is a 2003 mustang gt, true blue, dark charcoal interior, interior upgrade, and 17" 5-spoke bright wheels. it is very sweet. no pics of it yet, but i will get some!
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Donnie...you know what I think about mustangs? ;-) congrats anyway. have fun with it!
I dislike them very much, just PLEASE don´t let the power go to your head. thats part of the reason me and my friend aren´t talking anymore. He got a 2001 GT and suddenly he was the biggest badass in the world. :-|
Maybe because a used 2001 model Corvette can still fetch about $30k, unlike a used 2001 Mustang GT. But yeah, I LOVE Corvettes too. the new models are beautiful.
haha well for one thing a good porche Carrera 911 GT2 (one that I´d love to have) can fetch upwards of 170k (US) :-o

10-02-2003 at 18:12, Slapyo wrote:
i wsa going to get a focus svt with euro package and cobra hood, but when i realized that i could get a mustang gt for the same price it was kinda done with. had to go with the 8cyl.


Well...since you picked it over a Focus I guess it´s alright then ;-) I hate Foci more than Stangs. mainly because my friend sold his Stang GT (after 5 months of having it) and got an Explorer...don´t ask me why...
1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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