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Ok so I've ponderd the idea of an indash fold out LCD screen installation in my 93, however the room is just not there unless one buys a 3in1 DVD/LCD/FM unit. Which is verry pricey and not upgradable. As well as the escorts lack of sporty interor has led me to my idea.

Build out of wood and fiberglass a center counsoul that fits in between under the ashtray and lighter to just an inch infront of the shifter boot so as to cover the two cupholders and dish. Designe the encloser to hold two singel DIM ports and one 1/2 DIM port. Thus keeping the radio in its stock position and allowing 2 DINs for DVD and LCD units and utilizing the 1/2 DIN for an eaq.

I originaly wanted to put the LCD where the stock radio is but found that the LCD screen would not fold out to compleat vertical as that it would make contact with the air vents and remaine slanted slightly downward.

As a side note: besides the glove box where would one mount a PS2 so it can be accessable to the driver?
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