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My Church Muffler

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yes.. my aftermarket muffler is quite holy (no pun intended
) Im not sure weather its always had these holes, bu tmy car has always sorta sounded like a dirtbike, i just noticed 2 streams of air comming from my exhaust tonight cuz it was cold. Anyways i was thinking of getting a new performance muffler for christmas. What kind should i get?
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Okay I´m sure its already been said on the site here but here´s what I recommend.

2.25" cat-back. custom. I wouldn´t go much bigger because that´s where I started to notice a loss in toque.

right now I´m running through AirDynamic Racing´s (San Diego CA) (its basically a 3A racing) duel inline mufflers that are a 2.5" in with 3.5" out.

The sound is AWESOME. Not tin-like like you´ve heard on Honda´s.
Yeah..love my 1st Gen!! Blade..I guess your refering to the "coffee can" farts from a "rice boy"?
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Anyone else have any experience or opinions about the Pacesetter Monza cat-back system? Am thinking of getting it for my 94 1.9L. Whattya think?
So Nuke, tell us, what´d you decide to replace that holy muffler with?
see... the thing is.. i work at a library.. once a week. for minimum wage.. it takes a while to save up.. and i never quite got a definite answer on which kind i should buy..
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Oh, I see. Will your car pass inspection with a leaky muffler?
When you DO replace, are you thinking just the muffler or a whole system?
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im thinking i might suck it up until summer than get all new header´back exhaust. im working for the city this summer cuttin grass soo im hopin to have some extra $$$$
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