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My 91 Pony 56k warning

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first off i had a 96 sedan that got totalled and due to circumstances i couldnt fix, so i had to let it go.

the 96 before the crash

after the crash

and now the 91 in progress minus the day i bought it since i lost those pics.

first mods the wheels and clear corners and new headlights.

all from around 16SEP2008

The rear disks!



done on 12MAY2009

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thanks, just some minor cosmetic details for now. i want to buy the gt front bumper but i havent heard anything from kyrunner so...... hopefully in the fall i can do the bp swap on it. i have 2 12s but i havent taken pics of that for some reason. i want to paint the car the same color since i dont seem to see it on any car even when i go to amarillo. and of course i need to drop it down some . and im def keeping the pony emblems on it.
a few weeks back i was going to change the ex mani for the ho header. but the flange from the header did not match the flange on the exhaust so i had to postpone that. when i was doing that i noticed that the plug wires were falling apart. the previous owner had used 7mm wires off a dohc so the car was underpowered. so now i have to wait a bit so i can take the car to a muffler shop and weld the proper flange on the header.
painted valve cover and added ebay cheapo strut bar. bar was bought couple years back from a member but was a bit bigger so i had to do some machining on it.

found this boot in an mx3 but dont know if its a real one since its real thin and doesnt really look like leather. but it was free and looks way better with the short shifter than the rubber one.

and last, i found this rear strut bar for $10 at the same jy as the boot. it was off a 1st gen dsm..... not even close in lenght. oh well i got my money back.

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1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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